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If you would like to contact the nursery please get in touch with us;
Castle Star Day Nursery
Address: 109 Manor Drive North, Malden Manor, KT3 5PD
Phone: Michelle – 07754455231
We are open: 51 WEEKS 7.30AM – 6.00PM (Monday – Friday)


Subject: Summer Cusack-Jones progress at Castle Stars Educational Day Nursery
Summer started at the nursery in October. I was a little apprehensive about this as she did not settle at her previous nursery. However, Michelle was extremely happy and welcoming and Summer settled very quickly! Since then, not only has she settled but she has come on leaps and bounds. Summer has grown and developed so much, her confidence, social and language skills have progressed. Summer is a much happier toddler being dropped off at nursery and I know that Michelle nurtures the children. Castle Stars Educational Day Nursery is a warm, caring, safe and nurturing environment for children to play, learn and socialise.
Thank you Michelle and Castle Stars Educational Day Nursery.
Natalie Cusack BA, PGCE PCET.

What we do

Children attending our nursery will quickly enjoy the routine and structure we have put in place to ensure they excel in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
However as all parents know this means nothing to our little ones, it’s about having fun, meeting new friends and being happy and feeling cared for.
Each room and activities are bespoke to each child and their stage of learning, we believe in working together with families to help all children achieve the aspects of the curriculum set.
Here at Castle Star Nursery we have policies, procedures and statements on all aspects of Nursery Life. These are all available on the premises for you to view at any time.
The Nursery is registered with The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED).

About Us

Castle Star Nursery was started by Michelle, because of her passion about providing children a safe, secure and welcoming environment to play and learn in.
Michelle is qualified with BA (HONS) in Education and Child care, after acquiring Early Years Foundation Degree; she was also awarded Early Years Professional Status as an Early Year Teacher with 20 years’ experience. Due to her various contributions to Child care Education; she was awarded the BEM by the queen.
Our staffs are highly qualified and committed to providing your child with the care and attention that they deserve.
We know how special your children are to you, so we strive to make the children feel happy and confident all the time they are with us.
We really want your children to enjoy their time with us and have lots of fun; we promote good relationships including plenty of hugs when needed!
You are welcome to visit the nursery and see us in action (in fact we would really encourage you too) please just use the contact us page to get in touch for an appointment.


Our nursery is OFSTED approved for children under 5 years old.
We are open: 51 WEEKS 7.30AM – 6.00PM (Monday – Friday)
Everyone at the Nursery is qualified, committed and enthuastic.
The Nursery has an exceptional outdoor environment which matches our indoor learning intentions. Our outdoor provisions include gardening, cooperative play, early mark making and more which aim to address all areas of learning and development.
And most importantly our nursery is small, safe, secure and a nurturing environment tailor made to educate and care for 20 individuals in a small group.“So let us help YOU, build a solid foundation for YOUR child’s future Castle”